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About Us

Hey, I’m Scott Jangro. (And that’s Ashley.)

I’ve been around a long time. This is my reboot of sorts. That sort of mirrors life.

I live in Colorado.

I’m a Twitch Streamer. Here’s my stream.

I’m a cyclist. Here’s my Strava account. I stream my rides on Zwift.

I build, rebuild, and upgrade PCs. I’ve usually got something for sale or I can make your older PC new again. Hit me up.

I love to cook, grill, snowboard. There will be a lot of that here.

I help Influencers and Content Creators make money. If that’s you, check out Bottlespark.

Blog Posts

Leeeeroy Jenkinsssss: Bottlespark Now in Open Beta

Wednesday was a pretty big day for the team at Bottlespark. We launched our service into open beta. If you don’t know, I’m one of the founders of Bottlespark. We’re a software platform that helps connect online influencers with advertisers and sponsors. “Influencers” is a buzzy buzzword which means a lot of things. In our […]

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There’s an Amazing Zwift Community on Twitch

I’ve been streaming my Zwift rides on Twitch for the past two weeks, and I’m so grateful for community there. In addition to the friends that I have from hanging out in some other communities where I’m a mod, new people stopped by to offer support, Zwift and gear advice, etc. There are some fast […]

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Elitch Gardens, Denver

This past summer we took all the kids to Elitch Gardens  

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I’ve got years of blog content from my old blog, but I don’t know if I’ll be able to revive it. oh well. Here’s to new beginnings.

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