Video Smack Downs and Cage Matches

I was checking out the Loren Feldman "vlog" interview posted by Jim Kook-ral today. I'd never heard of this guy but was entertained enough to check out some of his other stuff. He's got an angry old man thing going that's pretty funny.

Anyway, there was one video that was in direct response to Wayne Porter's reaction to the Blog Tag Game (I refuse to use the m*me word) that swept through the affiliate marketing space a few weeks ago like a SoCal Wildfire. Honestly, I was a bit put off by Wayne's reaction, as were others who responded. I didn't feel the need to pile on that one, but Loren Feldman puts it pretty well. Check his video response on his blog at 1938media.

I almost stopped there, but as I dug deeper, I discovered over the holidays that I missed a big to do about this. Guys. Save the juicy stuff for when we're all watching. I almost missed the whole thing.

(This short life of great posts is exactly the problem that the affiliate blog list can hopefully solve. I digress.)

In case you weren't hanging over your newsreader over the holidays, here's how it played out...

  1. The Blog Tag Game hits revenews and a few RN authors post their "5 Things".
  2. Wayne puts the big kibosh on the Blog Tag thing at revenews and catches a lot of flack in the comments.
  3. Loren Feldman of 1938Media responds
  4. Wayne sticks to his guns and challenges Loren to a video battle
  5. Loren Accepts (the exchange happens in comments in the above entries)
  6. Jim Kukral stakes his claim on the concept of Video Blog Deathmatches

We await the outcome. This one could go pay-per-view (no disclosure required).


Created on: 03-JAN-07

Day late and a dollar short, as usual.

Posted on Friday, January 5, 2007 at 02:40:48 AM in Fun
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