Widgets Galore

In the past few weeks I've been speaking to a lot of people. The most commonly asked question is, "where are the widgets?"

So, I got right on that.

We've been testing a few widgets for Bumpzee.com for the past week or so. The first one we released was a small "bump this" link and graphic that you put on one of your blog posts and it shows how many 'bumps' it has.

More recently, we developed a larger widget that shows the recent top entries on Bumpzee as well as the most recent Bumpzee members who have visited your blog.

These have been in testing for several days and are now available on Bumpzee.com on the widgets page.

I'd love to hear your feedback on how they work for you.

Visitor Tracking
In order to implement the visitor widget, we had to first start tracking members visits to other members' blogs. The tracking only occurs if you have installed one of these widgets and it'll take a little while for the data to accumulate.

A bonus to putting a widget on your site is you get to see the new "Visitor Cloud" that appears on the blog pages. The visitor cloud shows not only the most recent visitors, but also their visit frequency with larger image and font. As you can see, I visit CostPerNews a lot.

This appears on each blog info page. Here's Sam's live page and mine.

You can view any blog info page by clicking the blog name in a member's profile.

Sociable Plugin
Last but not least, much thanks goes to Andy Beard who patched the Sociable wordpress plugin to include the Bumpzee bump it link and icon. Word from Peter Harkins, the developer of Sociable, is that he's including it in the next version, due any minute now.

Way cool. Thanks Andy and Peter!

The widget below is real, give it a bump...

Posted on Friday, February 2, 2007 at 01:30:12 PM in Bumpzee
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