Three Ways to Make your DLP Lamps Last Longer

The projector lamps in DLP televisions can run upwards of two or three hundred dollars. So it goes without saying that when a lamp goes out it's painful in the pocketbook. It is also painful that your television can stop working in an instant, without warning.

Here are a few tips to keep your DLP lamp lasting as long as possible.

"Dynamic Mode" may cause your lamp to run at a higher wattage. Some television sets, like Samsung DLPs have a "Dynamic Mode" which makes the picture look more, uh, dynamic. I think this means brighter, which certainly coincides with the information that can be gained from Samsung documentation that says this mode runs a lamp at 120W instead of the standard 100W. This can't be good for a lamp!

Don't plug your television into a switched outlet, like a power strip, where you use that to turn the set off and on. All projectors, and a DLP television is no exception, have fans that run for several seconds after the unit is switched off to cool the lamp down. Many cable boxes have power outlets in them to automate turning the television on and off. This is bad as well.

Don't turn the TV on and off frequently. On and off cycles put a lot of wear and tear on the electronics of a television set, and particularly a high temperature, high powered lamp. If you know you're going to be watching the television again soon, leave it on.

Be nice to your DLP lamp and it will hopefully serve you for several thousand hours.

Posted on Tuesday, February 16, 2010 at 04:19:51 PM in DLP TV Repair How-To's and Information
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