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There’s an Amazing Zwift Community on Twitch

I’ve been streaming my Zwift rides on Twitch for the past two weeks, and I’m so grateful for community there.

In addition to the friends that I have from hanging out in some other communities where I’m a mod, new people stopped by to offer support, Zwift and gear advice, etc.

There are some fast friendships forming from the likes of BrokenHipShot, MattyAndAnnika, CaptOfTheShip, b2squared, blunder13, and more. In one stream through the discussion there, this 24 hour Zwift Charity ride was formed. MattyAndAnnika is going to ride for 24 hours. Matt is an ultra-cyclist, so I don’t doubt he can do it. I plan to jump on for an hour for motivation.

There aren’t that many Zwifters on Twitch, maybe dozens…There are dozens of us!  I’d love to see more gamers get some physical activity by streaming fitness. Fitness, both physical and mental, is an enormous issue for streamers. At TwitchCon this past October, there were several sessions on both topics which speaks volumes to the issue. The cost of the equipment and the Zwift monthly fee is prohibitive for most, I’m sure. But can you put a price on your health?

On Zwift, we all ride for different reasons. For me, I’ve got 20 lbs to lose. It’s also great for my overall health. I can feel it in my everyday well-being from sleep to eliminating illness and infections. And when I stop feeling parts of my body moving in different directions from where the rest of me is going, that’s just amazing.

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