The RSS Workout, Burning Feeds and Fat

I've got two problems:

  1. I don't exercise enough.
  2. I cannot keep up with RSS feeds.

Unrelated problems? Not so fast. Do you see where this is going? OK, the pictures give it away.

Burning Fat

Earlier this week I had my annual physical examination. I can't really call it "annual" since it's been three years. The good news is that there was no bad news. Cholesterol 163. The good and bad are at great levels. Honestly, I don't know how I manage to maintain that. Everything else good too. Phew, I'm getting old so I expect things to start going downhill.

My Doctor did give me a bit of a scolding, however. I haven't really exercised since Jason was born back in August. And I'm gaining a few lbs.

He said, and I'll paraphrase.

Dude. You work at home. Take a freakin' break and exercise.

Of course he's right, and I shouldn't need my doctor to tell me that. But it did give me that little bit of motivation I needed. Funny how that works.

I like to get my exercise on the road. And I like to run for a good distance, else I don't feel like I did much. That takes time. Add in warm up, cool down, showers, etc...thus the problem.

Also, it's stark winter here, single digits outside, with narrow snow-flanked roadways. Not ideal running conditions.

That means treadmill. boring.

Burning Feeds

(Sorry, I know those two words together are a touchy subject for folks these days.)

As I mentioned, I also cannot keep up with the RSS feeds. There's good stuff in there that I need to read, but it often gets up over 200 posts in the queue.

So here's what I did today. I set up my Macbook on the treadmill with google reader. I hooked up a small bluetooth mouse with a scroll wheel. I fired up google reader and increased the font several times.


I positioned the mouse over the content window, and magically, I've got an RSS feed scrolling remote control in my hand.

I ran for 40 minutes and caught up on 200+ posts. If I keep this up, I'll be burning through feeds and calories like crazy.

I had to run a little bit slower than I normally would, 10-11 min mile pace, in order to be able to read. But that's fast enough for a good workout.

Of course, I must geek out on everything I do. And as if that alone isn't geeky enough, I finished it up by creating a Google Docs spreadsheet right there to record the numbers off the treadmill.


  • Get a DVI cable up to that 19" monitor on the wall. Hopefully that'll make it even easier to read.
  • I need a solution to "share" and "star" posts. Some stuff I want to act on and want to somehow mark stuff for later. I'm thinking maybe an apple wireless mightymouse might do the trick with it's extra buttons. Maybe I can rig some way to trigger the share and star hotkeys. Suggestions anyone?
Posted on Thursday, January 22, 2009 at 12:58:24 PM in Fitness
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