Tagging of a Different Sort

Just got blog-tagged, not once but twice in a 30 minute span. I think one of them got tagged by the other first, so I don't think it's legit, but I'm not telling.

I was wondering earlier today if this would make it over to me. I figure it's inevitable, if I started seeing it on the blogs I read, it's coming my way. I was hoping it would be quick before all the potential tagees are used up.

According to the "rules" I have to share 5 things about myself that not many people know about...and then "tag" 5 people who must do the same.

  1. My first job was doing technical support and training for Dragon Systems, one of the first large vocabulary voice recognition / dictation systems. At the time it ran on DOS and cost about $10,000. I'd go and train the new users on-site. Most memorable thing was that I went to the Pentagon to train a woman at the State Department. Not high security clearance or anything, but damn cool. Fortunately I hired a full-time trainer before the woman with 50 cats in a trailer-home purchased the software.

  1. I got married on the same day I got my first (and only) hole-in-one. Oh wait. It's the other way around. The 159-yard sixth hole at Okemo Valley Golf Club in Vermont. 7 iron. 4 of my best friends were the group ahead of us, standing on the green. Fortunately, we were buying drinks for everybody later anyway.

  1. I can juggle (easy), spin a basketball on my finger (not so easy), and ride a wheel-chair in a wheelie. The latter is a long story.

  1. I was born in Boston and lived here my whole life, but don't have an accent. Unless I'm drunk. Then I sound like a Kennedy family reunion (except nobody gets hurt). I actually have this annoying (hopefully only to myself) tendency to quickly pick up the accent of place I'm visiting, or even the person I'm talking to.

  1. I have an obsessive personality, which usually manifests itself in hobbies and video games. I've been known to stay up all night playing a new video game. Right now, I'm teaching myself piano. I've been practicing chords playing the universally recognizable intro from Jump by Van Halen.

And now to spread the love. Let's see, I hope these people haven't already been tagged... Jeremy Palmer, Jennifer Slegg , Lisa Picarille, and sending it back across the pond, Fraser Edwards and Paul Wright.

Posted on Friday, December 15, 2006 at 07:07:16 PM in Fun
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