Samsung DLP - How to Replace Fan #2

You turn on your Samsung DLP and get a blinking message on the screen "CHECK FAN #2". You may also notice that the cooling fan in the back of the set turns on but then stops.

Here's the procedure from a reader (thanks Ernesto) who replaced this fan himself and told me about it.

First, the part number you need is as follows:

Fan #2 for the HLN4365WX (and other sets, see list below) is

Part Number: BP31-00001A
Description: LAMP FAN ASSY

Where to buy:
It costs about $40-45 on Partstore which is about $20 cheaper than elsewhere.

According to, it supports the following Samsung television models:
HLM4365WX, HLN4365W1X, HLN467WX, HLN507WX/XAA, HLM437WX, HLN4365W1X/XAA, HLN5065W, HLN617W1X, HLM5065W, HLN4365WX, HLN5065W1X, HLN617WX, HLM5065WX, HLN4365WX/XAA, HLN5065W1X/XAA, HLN617WX/XA, HLM507WX, HLN437W, HLN5065WX, HLN617WX/XAA, HLM617WS, HLN437W1X, HLN5065WX/XAA, HLP5674WX/XAA, HLM617WS/XAA, HLN437W1X/XAA, HLN507W1X, HLR4677WX/XAA, HLM617WX, HLN437WX, HLN507WX, HLR5677WX/XAA, HLN4365W, HLN467W

This may seem expensive for a fan, but it actually has electronics in it to maintain speed and temperture. And apparently it can cry for help.

Getting the fan out is not trivial, though no more difficult than replacing the color wheel. In fact, to take the set apart, you'll wanto start with the process for replacing the color wheel.

Once you have the set open, you'll find the fan as seen in this picture.


There are two fans, and fan #2 is the larger one that is facing the back of the set. You can actually see it through the grates in the back of the set.

The fan itself is screwed into the black enclosure that can be seen in the above picture. It's difficult to impossible to unscrew the fan from that enclosure without sliding out the whole part as if we were replacing the color wheel. Once you slide that out, you can unscrew the black box with the screws in this picture.


This will free the box so you can access the fan screws.

All in all, a bit less involved than replacing the color wheel. While you're in here, you might want to locate the color wheel in case you do end up with that problem in the future.

Again, you can purchase the fan #2, part # BP31-00001A at

Please comment here and let us know if you perform this procedure, and do fill us in on other details that may help others.

Posted on Friday, September 29, 2006 at 09:39:38 AM in DLP TV Repair How-To's and Information
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