Please Help Deb and Vinny!

Many of us were impacted by hurricane Sandy over the past few days. We were spared pretty well here in Massahcusetts such that I feel bad even mentioning the minor damage we had here compared to our friends down on the Atlantic coastline.

Particularly hard hit were good friends of mine, and of the entire affiliate marketing industry, Deb Carney and Vinny O'Hare. They live in Broad Channel NY, which is right on the water in Queens.

This picture was at the first high tide on Monday of the storm. The tide never went out, and another several feet of water came in with the 9pm high tide, filling their one-story house up to the ceiling with muddy, oily, sea water.

Deb and Vinny have given so much of themselves to the industry and other affiliate marketing friends over the years. Now they need our help.

Karen Garcia of GTO Management set up a ChipIn fund. Click below to contribute any amount, large or small, directly to Deb and Vinny.

They have lost everything short of the clothes on their backs and a few things they carried to their neighbor's house before the storm.

Click below.

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