How to Reset the Lamp Counter on your Panasonic DLP Television

This guide will tell you how to reset the lamp counter on your Panasonic DLP television. This procedure is necessary to reset the indicator lamp that tells you that it's time to replace your lamp.

After you have changed the lamp on your Panasonic DLP Television, you want to be sure to reset the lamp counter, or timer on the television. You really should only do this after you have replaced your DLP lamp. See here for information on replacing the lamp in your Panasonic DLP.

What does this mean? All lamps, lightbulbs, etc., have an expected life in hours. DLP televisions have an internal timer that tell you how many hours your lamp has operated. On some televisions you can actually view the number of hours; in others it is merely to display a "replace your lamp" message. On the Panasonic it is the latter.

The procedure for resetting your lamp is a little bit tricky. This is intentional so that you don't do it accidentally.

  1. Turn on the television.
  2. Press the volume down button on the TV display (not the remote!)
  3. While pressing the volume button, press the "split" or "PIP" button on your remote.

If it works, you'll see a message like this, an the lamp indicator light will turn off. Success!

Enjoy your new lamp!

Posted on Sunday, February 21, 2010 at 06:29:41 AM in DLP TV Repair How-To's and Information
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