How to get the Legendary Treasure in Skylanders Chapter 3: Sky Schooner Docks

In Chapter 3 of Skylanders: Spyros Adventure, the Legendary Treasure is located on the floating island down the first floating ramp on the ship that is almost near the end, right after the area that's locked, requiring an Earth Element character.  (it's not in there, it's after that point in the chapter.)

This ship has two ramps, and to lower them both, you need to defeat the monsters near the second ramp.  You're of course tempted to just run down the second ramp to finish the level, but if you go backwards, you'll see that the first ramp also lowered.

Walk down the ramp and up to the tower and the doors will open revealing a teleport.  Make your way to the cupcake health booster, eat it, and the legendary Treasure will appear.

The Legendary Treasure for Skylanders Chapter 3, Sky Schooner Docks s a pair of Wild Runners.


Posted on Sunday, January 1, 2012 at 12:45:23 AM in Skylanders
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