How to Get the Legendary Treasure in Skylanders Chapter 2: Perilous Pastures

The Legendary Treasure in Chapter two can be seen behind a locked gate right at the end of the Chapter, to the left of the cannon.  There is no way in there once you've reached that point, and there is no turning back.

To get this Legendary Treasure, you must have a Life Element Skylander, like Stealth Elf.  Unfortunately, a Life Skylander doesn't come with the Skylanders Starter Kit, so you have to buy one.

Once you do have a Life Element Skylander, simpy walk up to the edge of the cliff.  At the correct spot, the grass looks different -- That and the floating island are only hints that something is there.

When a Life Skylander steps on that spot, a bridge will magically grow out of vines.  From there you can make your way into that area with the Legendary Treasure.

Posted on Tuesday, December 27, 2011 at 02:34:10 PM in Skylanders
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