Hockey is the Official Game of Affiliate Marketing, What Superbowl?

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The NHL All-star weekend has got me pumped up for Hockey and what better time because I cannot remember caring less about a NFL Superbowl game.

I hate the Steelers (though the Pats pwn the Steelers) and the Cards? meh. The one redeeming thing about this game is Kurt Warner. What a hard-working, success story he is. I will be rooting for Kurt.

More importantly, we're back from the NHL All-Star break, where the East won (of course), and Boston's Zdeno Chara topped Al Iafrate's slapshot speed record. I guess the guy to do that would be a 7' tall giant. He's got to be almost that on skates! And our Tim Thomas, what a game!

Being born and raised in Boston, and on skates since before I could walk, hockey runs in my blood. In the 70's my dad moonlighted at the Boston Garden and I went to work with him every Saturday for the Bruins games. That solidified my love for the game and the B's.

And it turns out that a lot of my fellow affiliate marketers feel the same way. Let's name a few that come right off the top of my head:

Tim Storm taunted us all with his tweets from the New Years day NHL Winter Festival game.

Brian Littleton, a Blackhawks fan? and a goaltender. (also at that Winter Festival game. )

Carolyn Tang. A Wings fan living in Chicago? Do I have that right? (ALSO at that Winter Festival game. Grrr.)

Roger Snow is an Islanders fan if I'm not mistaken. (Sorry Roger)

Brent Elias shares my Boston upbringing, and love for the game.

Kevin Webster is a Sabres fan, but we'll list him anyway.

Kunal Vohra and Paresh Vadavia are both from Montreal and die hard fans of Les Habitants. Respect. I was chatting with them today and it turns out they both attended the All-Star game on Sunday. So jealous.

Jason Rubacky -- poor guy is from Tampa. Do they even have ice down there? Somehow they manage to suit up a hockey team anyway.

jason rubacky

Speaking of whom, my friend Jason does work at Football Fanatics and he's offered me up something special for you hockey-loving affiliate marketers who have also perhaps moved on from the football season. More on that at the end.

My fantasy hockey team got a big kick in the stomach when Martin Brodeur was knocked out for the season, but I'm now predicting a Stanley Cup win for the Bruins.

What have you got to say about that? Let me know what you think in the comments. Post your own prediction or declare love for your own team.

And to sweeten the deal Jason Rubacky has offered me up a $100 Football Fanatics gift card to give to one random commenter here on this post (one entry per comment, but feel free to go nuts). A tweet about this contest counts as a second entry. Be sure to @jangro me so I see it.

We'll run this until the comments die out and pick a winner early next week.

Thank you Jason! Sign up for his affiliate program here.

UPDATE: Surely I'm missing on my facts, and will post corrections here as I get them...

Correction #1: Jason is from Orlando and he's a pengins fan. Out of the the frying pan and into the fire.

Disclosure: there are affiliate links in this post. Surely you don't mind that.

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