Hey Cuz!

My vanity google search on "jangro" turned up a really strange result this morning.

My last name is unique. There aren't that many of us because the name mutated from the name Gingras only about 5 generations ago right here in Massachusetts. I've studied the genealogy of my name back to the late 17th century when they came from France to Quebec.

Barring the possibility that someone just changed their last name to Jangro (well that would be understandable, it is a cool name), anyone with that name is my cousin.

When this Google search alert isn't about me, it's usually about one of my athletic cousins breaking some touchdown record for their prep-school, or it's the janitorial supply company in England who would probably love to get their hands on this domain.

I know personally many of the Jangro family members out there, and from my research and otherwise paying attention, I feel like I know OF just about all of them. But I guess I really don't. Because every once in a while I get a surprise like this one:

The Billerica Lions Club Youth Speech Committee is pleased to announce the winner of its Youth Speech contest Meaghan Hardy, a sophomore at Billerica Memorial High School. Meaghan competed against Sara Pietila, a senior at Shawsheen Tech, and Ravina Jangro, a senior at Billerica Memorial High School as well as a member of the Billerica Leos Club (a youth club of the Lions).

from: Lions Youth Speech contest winner - Billerica Minuteman

Dear Ravina Jangro, nice try against Meaghan Hardy I'm sure. But how have you managed to get to 18 years of age without me knowing about you or your family?

And she lives just 15 miles away or so in Billerica, MA. (that's pronounced bill-rick'-a, btw, so you can say it correctly in your head.)

Aren't the Interwebs fun.

Posted on Wednesday, November 12, 2008 at 08:56:38 AM in Fun
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