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prodimg-17807-f.jpgThis is one of those posts that "don't belong" on an industry blog. But I warned you a few weeks ago that these were coming.

Once every year or two one of those things happens that makes me want to get back into shape. Of course by then I've fallen out of shape as I'm apparently not one of those individuals who has it wired as a priority to do so, so I must somehow stay motivated.

Once I get past the start up pain, I enjoy running. Not only is it good for my health, it's good for business. I don't listen to music. I just think and often come up with new ideas for websites or improvements to existing ones. There aren't many other times that those thoughts aren't drowned out by the rest of life. In fact, BUMPzee and our costume ideas website were both worked on significantly in my head on the roads around here.

So I'll say it out loud...

My goal is to slim down 14 pounds to a 165. That's about the point below which my family starts telling me that I'm too skinny.

Today and yesterday I ran 6 miles each. I'm officially back into it. But the obsession won't last, and there are a few things working against me.

  1. Newton's First Law of Motion - "an object in its chair tends to stay in its chair"
  2. This frequent new generation of business ideas gets me more glued to my desk. Thus the object at rest in number 1.
  3. Laundry

So now, this object (me) is in motion and that's where I need your help.

We've all got a few close people whose encouragement quickly turns to nagging. But I've got a few hundred friends here who I figure can keep me going. If I don't post updates toward that goal, give me a bump -- comment here, email me, IM me, twitter me.

And if anyone wants to do my laundry...

Posted on Friday, July 13, 2007 at 11:36:49 AM in Fun
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