Samsung DLP Fan #1 Problem

Many people with an aging Samsung DLP television get error messages on the display about the fans, such as "CHECK FAN #1". Not terribly informative, but here's what you can do to determine what fan is causing the problem.

Mike L. writes...

Any ideas or how to's for fan #1? It keeps shutting down my DLP. thanks

Without knowing the model of the television, I cannot get very specific, but the first step is figuring out which fan is causing you a problem.

The most effective way to determine what is happening is to actually watch the fans operate and see if one of the fans doesn't start up, or starts then stops. I would take off the back cover and tape down the safety switch that prevents the television from starting. Then turn on the television set and watch the fans.

Once you determine which fan is causing you the problems, you can order a replacement from or another store that specializes in electronics parts. Fans are relatively inexpensive and easy to replace.

Not all fans are created equal and therefore you do want to make sure you get the exact fan. Some fans are simple fans that do nothing but turn on and off. Others have special features that allow them to activate at certain temperatures or spin at different speeds.

As always, when operating electronics with the cover off, use extreme caution. Don't touch any electronic components.

I'll follow up with a post that describes exactly which fan is which in my set.

In the meantime, you can see the procedure for replacing fan #2 on a Samsung DLP which includes a picture of a few of the fans.

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