Droid Battery Cover Problem Update

I know you've been hanging on the edge of your seat about this one.

A week and a half ago, I posted a video on how to fix your loose droid battery cover.

It has actually turned out to be quite a heated issue amongst Droid owners with discussions popping up in several Droid forums and blogs, including Motorola's own support forum and Dave Winer's droidie blog. Dave's post has a funny comment that starts out like this:

I think this article is a special moment in technology journalism. For 3 years I have been listening to people whine about the iPhone’s lack of removable battery, storage, and mechanical keyboard, while the whole time I’ve been 100% satisfied with my iPhone’s battery, storage, and keyboard. Now Droid has arrived to show us iPhone users the error of our ways. Except that Droid’s removable battery falls out. And you can’t put apps on its removable storage, so you are limited to 200MB of apps, which means there are thousands of iPhone apps that simply can’t fit on Droid, even if they were ported. And the mechanical keyboard is too flat to type blind.

though you should read the whole thing.


After all that angst, Motorola jumped on that thread in their forum just in time before the entire world ended in a cataclysm started by several of us starting simultaneous fires by inserting a highly flammable paper shim to snug up the battery door. (yes, there was a guy in that thread who warned us.)

They made good and shipped new doors to me and several others who requested them.

And what did the Motorola engineers do? They made the shim under the door thicker.

Or maybe they did nothing except hope that a new door will fit better. Mine is better.

So with some incredible photo-journalism, I present to you my old battery door (augmented) alongside the new.

They changed the font on the printer. And the date. I think that's helping too.


It's hard to tell with a picture, but I will say that black pad on the door does feel thicker on the new door.


Though my solution worked just as well.

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