Dim Green Light on MacBook Pro Magsafe Power Adapter

Recently, my Apple Cinema display witch has an L-shaped power adapter built into it for powering your macbook, stopped powering the notebook.

When plugged in, the light would turn a faint green and the notebook would register that it had power plugged in, but would not charge. And the light on the adapter would not turn orange, indicating that it is actively charging.

Research told me that there are many possible causes to this issue:

That list is in order of high to low cost and high to low effort. And I was about to try the SMC reset, when I decided to go for the easiest route and clean the connectors. The hard part was finding a Q-tip.

A Q-Tip and rubbing alcohol on all the connectors solved the problem instantly. I have an adapter like in the above picture, so I had four connectors to clean. phew!

So if you have a faint green light on your power adapter, try the easiest thing first. Clean the connectors.

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